Oglethorpe University Institutional Review Board

Welcome to the Oglethorpe University Institutional Review Board.
Please use the links below for more information about ethical standards involving research with humans and animals.

The Belmont Report
Ethical Principles and Guidelines Established by the DHHS Special Commission Subcommittee

The Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to Human Research Participants
DHHS Title 45, Section 46

The Office for Human Research Protection
DHHS Office for Oversight of Human Research

Prior to the collection of any data, researchers must obtain permission from the IRB by completing the application below and returning it to the chairperson of the IRB. The IRB committee currently meets in the fall and spring semesters. Researchers should allow for at least 2 weeks for the committee to review all applications.

Application – Oglethorpe University Institutional Review Board (IRB)