A strong tradition of student achievement in research

Psychology students and faculty at SPA 2015 - 1Many students collaborate with faculty on research projects or develop and complete their own research projects with the help of faculty mentors. Each year, Oglethorpe is represented at regional and national psychology conferences by psychology students presenting their original work. A dedicated Psychology lab provides Psychology and Biopsychology students with the tools and resources needed for their original research.

One recent example of Biopsychology research in action comes from Livia Balaban ’12. Livia successfully completed and defended an honor’s thesis on the cognitive and linguistic skill of adolescents who had experienced a traumatic brain injury. This research was presented at a large, internationally attended professional conference; the Association for Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.


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Psychology faculty research interests:

Areas of interest: Stress, depression, and coping styles; mental health problems and the family system; romantic attachment; developmental psychology; clinical psychology; science education.
A developmental psychologist by training, I am interested in how organic and environmental insults to the brain effect cognitive and linguistic development. I have a particular interest in atypically developing populations, sub-typing, the effects of early traumatic brain injury, and the relationship between language and literacy development. My research focuses on identifying the underlying mechanisms that drive the development of key cognitive and linguistic skills necessary for successful academic achievement.
My research addresses the issues of prejudice, stereotyping, and inter-group behavior generally. In particular I am interested in emotions and emotion regulation as it relates to inter-group situations. My research uses a variety of methodologies, including psycho-physiological measures, behavioral coding, and self-report. In addition, I am interested in emotion, emotion regulation, and social psychology more generally.